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China Grouting Pump Machine

Product description:
The piston mortar pump is mainly used for the earth dam grouting in the reservoir and river channel
Cracks on dam or dam foundation, loose layer and cave pressure grouting, in order to achieve the purpose of seepage consolidation, can also be used for conveying other mortar in the water conservancy construction project, cement grouting and spraying decoration, the grouting slurry containing particles is less than or equal to 3 of the water clay mud, mud, clay and cement mortar. The other mixed slurry.

technical parameterUBHSUBH
working ability (m³/h)34.5
maximum working pressure (Mpa)1.56
Horizontal conveying distance(m)100180
Vertical transmission distance(m)4060
Main motor power(kw)45.5
piston diameter (mm)Φ85Φ63
Piston reciprocating times(n/min)240240
Hose bore diameter(mm)Φ38Φ38
径Inner diameter of inlet hose(mm)Φ64Φ64
Slurry size(mm)≤3≤3
outline dimension(mm)1030×470×8901050×480×920China Grouting Pump Machine